The Perk

Women's Squads

Squads for 2021


Womens Premier League (WPL)

Coach: Christian Phillips-Trelby

Our WPL team is looking to do one better in 2021 and take home the league title. This is our top team,

competitive, committed with an amazing never say die attitude and fantastic team spirit. Squad will be

decided during WPL trials, see pre-season page for details.


All Age Womens 2's 

Coach: Justin Kaleel

Looking to build on a good season for a newly formed team in 2020, the 2's are aiming for top 4 in 2021 and a shot at the grand final. This team is positioned as the stepping stone for players wanting to compete, improve and push for the top level.



All Age Womens 3's 


Coach: TBC


The development team where competition and social football meet.



Over 30's

Coach: TBC

A brand new competition for ESFA in 2021 brings a new team to WOBFC with our first Over 30's squad. With a focus on social, fun and avoiding injury ;-) our O30's look forward to not chasing 18 year olds down the wing and enjoying their football at their own pace.

Top Goal Scorers


Thijs Jannick 9



Josh Huntley 7



Miki Bisceglia 3



Rob Rietveld 3


AA5 Saturday

Zac Smith 8




Marcus Vanderhurst 4




Tony Di Fede 9




Adam Goodes 7 



Amanda Levaskevich 12




G. Martin 4



Blanca Rolnertt 5