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2018 U6 - U12 Miniroos Fixtures

All fixtures will be emailed to parents as the schedule is provided by our governing body, ESFA.

All Games are played on Saturdays for all Miniroos teams except the Girls teams from U8s and above only play Sundays. Once in every season the Saturday teams will be asked to take part in a Gala Day on one Sunday during the season, with plenty of notice given to the parents to organise themselves.

Most of our Saturday Fixtures will be played at Waverley Synthtetic. The Sunday Girls teams will rove with the ESFA girls hubs at other clubs grounds as Waverley Old Boys FC currently doesnt have access to Waverley Synthetic on a Sunday, although we might in season 2017 as we are waiting for Council to confirm the 2017 Winter allocations.

 U13 Competitive Teams


All Fixtures can be found on the ESFA website


Top Goal Scorers


M. Nesbitt 13

C. Cody 10


J. Kennedy 6

B. Rosengren 6


T.Garry 11

A. Aylward 7

AA3 Saturday

B. Rosengren 10

N. Leo 4


E. Fajardo 12

J. Madero 8


J. Curtis 7

P. Somogy 5

D. Vidovic 5

D. De Caires 5


S. Goodman 9

G. Cleanner 8


J. Hartland 9

D. Hogan 7


E. Mullan 12

K. Prowse 7


G. Martin 6

A. Mclaurin 6


A. Zacki 8

A. Pitman 7